1. You are always lurking about somewhere, just waiting to creep up when we’re least suspecting it.

2. YOU COME OVER EVERY WEEK. EVERY WEEK. Is that really necessary? NO ONE LIKES YOU, MONDAY (unless of course your first name is BankHoliday in which case, welcome to my life.)

3. My desk is always a mess on a Monday morning.. And the work is almost always more stressful. All because of the lax attitude demonstrated on the Friday before. Friday Sophie likes to mess with Monday Sophie, you see.

4. Monday morning means bad moods all round which makes for bad office vibez and too much coffee. And it’s never good coffee on a Monday. There’s always leftover Friday milk which is often a tad questionable but inevitably used.

5. Monday. Everyone hates you. WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO KILL YOURSELF. (And other teenage bitch insults etc etc) GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE, I HATE YOU!!!


Tuesday tomorrow bitchessssssss



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