End of term blues: deadlines and disco revision

This week has been a very busy one. My MA course is hectic at the best of times, but this week has been a complete catastrophe. Not only has there been sun on days when I had promised myself I wouldn’t leave my desk, but there has also been torrential rain on the days when I’ve needed to venture to Bute Library. It seems, dear readers, that I can’t win.

Yesterday was the hardest day. I was in a Bute computer room for about twelve hours working on both finishing my final essays and losing my mind. Both were successful. I was happy to have had company with fellow PR students all day though. I imagine that my time in Bute yesterday (though probably shorter with fewer distractions) would have been significantly more miserable.

Highlights included: writing about law, whooping in corridors after the group submission, continuing to write about law, having a five minute disco in room 0.35 and being walked back to my car by Jez in the late and cold night air.

Indeed, the MA JOMEC lot aren’t half bad, you know. I’ve met some of the most wondefully brilliant and interesting people that I’ve ever known. To be honest, the fact that term time has come to an end and the lonely dissertation period is creeping up on us is making me feel a bit sickened.

If there’s one thing I wish, it would be that we were all undergrads. Then I’d get to keep these fascinating people nearby for at least another two years. As it stands at this moment in time, we’ll all be heading our separate ways soon. To different counties, cities and countries – both far and wide. It is all very depressing.

PR crew

The thing is, we’ve all got bigger fish to fry. We’re all grown ups now, ready for grown up jobs, taking our first steps as REAL people and acting responsibly (at least most of the time…)

I’m just about to head into uni to hand in my last pieces of work. It’s a bit sad, really.

There are two things cheering me up, however.

The first thing is the fact that everyone is going out tonight to celebrate the end of deadlines and my friend Sarah’s birthday.

The second is the fact that I have recently come across this little gem: http://millie-mackintosh.com/style-diary/

Whether or not you are a Made In Chelsea fan, if you love fashion I guarantee you’ll be interested in Millie Mackintosh’s style diary. We can’t all be skinny and endlessly rich, of course. But we can try and recreate some of the truly amazing looks she’s rocking on her blog. I plan on having a cheeky scan of the outfits before I decide what I’m wearing tonight.


Until next time, kids.

Sophie x

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