A new venture: Mansnaps

I’ve always been a fan of two things.

The first: well-dressed men (particularly those in good footwear).

The second: writing about anything and everything.

So, when I came across an opening for a position as a new contributor for online menswear magazine Mansnaps a few weeks ago, it caught my eye. Noting the link between my two favourite things, I thought it would be worth getting in touch with the company. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Or so they say.


I wrote an email to Mansnaps explaining that whilst I definitely wasn’t male, I had a passion for menswear. I suggested that it might be interesting to provide a fresh female perspective on mens fashion. The email was quite cheeky. Not rude. Just.. Full of naff jokes which probably showed my true identity as a massive wally just a little bit too much.. After I sent the email I started to panic. It definitely isn’t a great example of what one should send to a prospective employer or internship provider.. Luckily for me, Mansnaps founder Matthew seemed to enjoy the content of the email (phew) and invited me to send a few examples of what I could do for them.

I immediately started writing away (this is the main reason why I have neglected this blog a little bit. Sorry, lovely blog-readers) and sent a few examples of my work to Matthew as quickly as possible.

Following this, Matthew agreed that he would like me to contribute to the website. So far I have written a personal introduction, a piece about amazing brand Serge DeNimes (founded by Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock) and an article about my fave picks for SS 2013 footwear. And now, I’m busy writing a review of Oliver Sweeney’s SS13 footwear collection.

To top it off I have also been invited to attend brand press days in London as a member of the Mansnaps team. I went to the ASOS press day in Covent Garden last week. This involved looking at, taking pics of and chatting to PRs about all the gorge new menswear items and trends from ASOS for the next year. Of course, we also had a little look at the ladies wear in order to satisfy my own selfish fashion urges.

Here is a picture of Mansnaps designer-wear contributor Owen Moss-Proctor and myself at the ASOS press day after eating lots of cured meats and cheeses. Very swish.

ASOS press day Sophie and Owen

I’m supposed to be going to the H&M press day this week and have made it very clear that I’m keen to attend as many as possible before the season of press days ends!

I’m loving it.

If you’d like to have a look at the Mansnaps website or to read some of my work, please click on one of the following links:




I’d love to hear what you think. It would be really helpful, actually.

Also, they are well worth a follow on Twitter! @MANSNAPS

Much love, Sophie x

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